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Maslenitsa Festivities in Taganrog

March 11, 2021: this week, a series of Maslenitsa events are to be held in Taganrog. This Russian folk festival, has its roots in pagan traditions, when people marked the end of winter and the beginning of spring with massive bonfires. The festival eventually became part of Russian Orthodox Christian tradition and is now celebrated during the week before Lent.

Maslenitsa event at Taganrog Museum of Architecture and Urbanism
Today, it is a week of folk celebration and plenty of feasting on blinis - traditional Russian pancakes that symbolize the newly returned sun. This year's Maslenitsa festival takes place from March 8 to March 14.

Maslenitsa event at Taganrog Museum of Architecture and Urbanism
In Taganrog, cultural facilities are going to be the most active ones during Maslenitsa. Thus, Taganrog Museum of Art announced "Maslenitsa Party!" programme (until March 14). Within the framework of the programme, there are original artworks from Khokhloma, Gzhel, Dymkovo, Zhostovo, Palekh, exposed to improve visitors' knowledge on these world-famous handicrafts.

Maslenitsa festival
The South-Russian Scientific-Cultural Centre, meanwhile, invites schoolchildren to attend the program "This is The Life!" (until March 12). It offers stories about roots and traditions of this festival, along with a special Maslenitsa exhibition, games, and competitions.

Some facilities have already held their Maslenitsa events. As for Taganrog Museum of Architecture and Urbanism, it was "Gori, Gori Yasno!" ("Burn Brightly!") set of events, focused on Russian traditions of Maslenitsa. A notable feature of the event was an attractive workshop for students in handcrafting tradional Russian toys, taught by a professional craftswoman.

Maslenitsa event at Taganrog Museum of Architecture and Urbanism
Public events became possible thanks to gradual easing of COVID-19 related restrictions, made by Rostov Oblast Governor. Vasily Golubev recently signed a regulation on easing of COVID-19 related restrictions, which entered into force on March 9.