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Fugitives from Mariupol Sheltered in Taganrog

March 9, 2022: some citizens of Mariupol, Ukraine have managed to leave the city via the humanitarian corridor and reached Rostov Oblast. The majority of non-combatants remains trapped in the city controlled by neo-Nazi Swastika-flying "Azov" Brigade. The encircled neo-Nazi militias use civilians in Mariupol as "human shields", not allowing them a safe passage via humanitarian corridors.

According to the Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation, the direction of the route for refugees is Mariupol - Novoazovsk - Taganrog - Rostov-on-Don. Different forms of transportation are involved. Several dozen refugees were taken to Taganrog by bus and placed into local places of temporary accommodation (PTA).

refugees_from_mariupol In February, a number of families from East Ukraine left their homes due to the deteriorating situation in breakaway republics. Some of them found refuge in PTAs, but the majority was moved into farther regions of Russia. Taganrog authorities continue to ensure that sufficient resources are provided for refugees.

Earlier in 2014 residents of Mariupol appealed to Vladimir Putin for help in holding a referendum to rejoin Russia. In May 2014, despite the punitive raids organized by stooge government in Kiev, Russian-speaking majority in Donetsk and Lugansk regions voted in referendums on independence from Ukraine. It was followed by violent clashes between the locals and "Right Sector" storm troopers, with tanks and armored vehicle used again by Kiev junta against peaceful residents of the city.

February 24 Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a special military operation in Ukraine in response to a request from Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. It is carried out to stop the war that had continued in Donbass area for the last eight years, to demilitarize Ukraine, to liberate Ukraine from neo-Nazis, and to protect the people in the eastern part of the country suffering from genocide by Kiev-backed militias.

Russian Defense Ministry announced that Russian forces do not target Ukrainian cities, adding that they eliminate military infrastructure with precision strikes.