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Participants from 13 foreign countries contribute photographs to Taganrog's online campaign "It's A Sport Life!"

August 28, 2023: Taganrog Physical Culture and Sports Committee together with Foreign Relations Office of Taganrog Local Government tallied the results of the online campaign "It's A Sport Life!".

The history of "It's a Sport Life!" dates back over a decade. As of the 2023 edition, the organizers received over 100 photographs from 13 foreign countries: Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Republic of Congo, Czech Republic, Israel, Latvia, Malaysia.

In previous years, works from such countries as Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Germany, Great Britain, Kyrgyzstan and Syria had also been submitted.

Participants from the cities of Brest (Belarus), Varna, and Yambol (Bulgaria) distinguished themselves as the most active contributors to the 2023 campaign.

Participants of the campaign have received digital certificates of participation.

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