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Inna Titarenko Endorsed Chairwoman of Taganrog City Council and City Executive

October 17, 2016: a meeting of the local city council (Duma) to elect a chairman-City Executive was held on Friday, October 14, 2016.

Due to early termination of office for ex-mayor Vladimir Prasolov, who was sentenced to one-year imprisonment in a correctional colony of general regime, and following federal law's amendments, the whole system of local government has been restructured. September 23, 2016 the local duma voted to terminate the powers of its ex-chairman Yuri Stefanov and one out of 24 aldermen of Taganrog City Council had to be voted "Chairman of City Council - City Executive".

October 14, Mr. Roman Koryakin, chairman of the United Russia deputy faction at Taganrog City Council made a nomination for the acting vice-chair of the local duma, Mrs. Inna Titarenko. Her candidacy was endorsed by the majority of Taganrog aldermen - 15 yes votes, 5 nay votes, the rest absent or abstaining. Earlier, on October 12, Mrs. Titarenko was nominated by the delegates of Taganrog's UNITED RUSSIA party conference, and the following day the result was approved by the regional political council of the party.

After announcement of the vote results, the new-elect chairwoman took an oath, swearing to comply with Russian constitution and abide by the federal and regional laws, and the City Charter, to protect human rights and to serve truly the citizen of Taganrog.

Thus, October 14, the city completed the first stage in the local government reform. In the new City Charter, chairman & City Executive is the highest elective official in Taganrog, authorized to solve the matters of local significance. The next stage in the local government reform will be appointment of a "city manager" (an administrator to manage the affairs of the municipality) to be selected by a joint Taganrog city council-Rostov oblast government commission by the end of October 2016.