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Infotecs Taganrog Telecom is pioneer in construction and development of corporate communication systems and the first Company to provide digital communication services in Taganrog. Infotecs TT has unique experience in the area of security and protection of electronic information. It offers network solutions for protection of corporate information and construction of the protected computer networks.

The Company offers digital phone communication services, high-speed internet access and a wide range of software products, including the best-selling ViPNet product family. ViPNet (Virtual Protected Networks) insures:

  • integration of mobile and remote users into a corporate virtual protected network (VPN);
  • integration of several local networks into one global network;
  • protected web hosting and safe access to application servers;
  • protection of VPN users' information resources (workstations, web servers, databases and applications) with built-in network screens;
  • protection of TCP/IP traffic in the network;
  • protected and automated processing for financial and banking applications, transaction protection for payment systems.
    Infotecs Taganrog Telecom is the first company operating in the region to receive the "certificate of correspondence", which confirms that provided communication services correspond to the International Standard of quality ISO 9001.

ViPNet Office Firewall Box

ViPNet DISCguise Box

ViPNet Safe Disk Box

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