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Chinese language exams conducted by Confucius Institute in Taganrog.

April 24, 2017: due to increased popularity of Chinese language around the world, the number of its learners in Taganrog has rapidly grown in the last few years. The only standardized exam of Chinese language proficiency for non-native speakers is called HSK (The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) and is administered by Hanban, an agency of the Ministry of Education of China.

Last Saturday, April 22, over fifty test-takers from Taganrog participated for the first time in Chinese language tests (from HSK1 to HSK5), held by Confucius Institute in cooperation with "Peking" language school and Taganrog Municipal Government.


The first contacts with the Chinese educational organization were established back in June 2010, when representatives of Qufu Normal University and government-affiliated Confucius Institute from the partner city Jining - hometown of Confucius - visited Taganrog.

In 2016 "Peking" became the main driver behind the popularity of Chinese language in the city, serving as a club for people interested in China's culture. The two sides agreed to continue educational cooperation and plan an intensive course in spoken Chinese to be held by Confucius Institute specialists in June 2017.