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Governor Golubev Chairs Taganrog Supervisory Board's Meeting

December 22, 2022: Rostov Oblast Governor Vasily Golubev visited Taganrog within the framework of a working trip to the city. He took part in a meeting on the municipal revitalization program.

The attendees considered the issue of building a new emergency hospital with a capacity of over 800 beds. The corresponding project has already been developed.

As it was said at the meeting, the next stage of the implementation of the federal program "Clear Sky" is to start in 2023. Following the replacement of overhead cables and wires with underground cables in April 2022, the gas pipes of Taganrog's historic downtown area will be moved underground as well.

Furthermore, preparations to renovate Pushkinskaya Embankment are still underway. The design estimate documentation for the improvement of the central part of the embankment (3.5 ha) has been prepared by now, and the details of the waterfront reinforcement are being finalized. All the works will be completed for the 325th anniversary of the city, by September 2023.

Governor urged the business community of Taganrog to continue their collaborative work on the urban revitalization. He also commended the community's efforts and awarded its several members.

On the same day, Vasily Golubev inspected the new streetcar depot, got acquainted with the functioning of the central dispatch control center and met with the managers of "Sinara - Urban Transport Solutions Taganrog". During the visit, Governor announced his intention to get new types of electric transport for Taganrog - in particular, electric bus.