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Friendly basketball match between INTECH (Taganrog, Russia) and the national team of D.P.R.

October 16, 2015: Donetsk Peoples' Republic Basketball Federation foundation conference was held in Donetsk's palace of sports "Druzhba". The following persons were among the distinguished guests at the event: Mr. Eduard Basurin, deputy defense minister and defense spokesman of Donetsk Peoples' Republic; Mr. Mikhail Mishin, minister of sports of D.P.R.; Mrs. Larisa Polyakova, D.P.R. minister of education; Mr. Stanislav Vinokurov, minister of youth policy, sports and tourism of Lugansk Peoples' Republic; Mr. Vasily Tkachuk, mayor of Khartsyzsk; Mr. Alexander Zabezhailo, chief administrator of Taganrog Local Government; Mr. Vyacheslav Voskoboynikov, chairman of The Taganrog Municipal physical culture and sports committee.

Friendly match Taganrog-Donbas
"I am glad to be present at this milestone event. It's not a secret that a sovereign state and its statehood cannot develop only in the sense of foreign and domestic policies. The development is also: science, education, childrearing, and of course sports!" told Taganrog's chief administrator.

Friendly match Taganrog-Donbas
Mr. Vasily Tkachuk, mayor of Taganrog's sister city Khartsyzsk was unanimously elected Federation's president in an open voting by a show of hands. After the end of the foundation conference, a friendly basketball match between players of Taganrog-based INTECH club and the national team of Donetsk Peoples' Republic was held at stadium of Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade. The national team of D.P.R. won 79:54.