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Foreign Relations

Taganrog has Sister City relationships and Partnership City relationships in Peoples' Republic of China - Jining, Germany - Lüdenscheid and Badenweiler, and Bulgaria - Cherven Bryag.

The goal of the Sister City and Partnership City programs is to promote the City of Taganrog abroad through business, cultural, and educational exchanges. The program focuses on promoting economic ties while strengthening cultural understanding. By building friendships between the people and governments of Taganrog and our Sister Cities, we educate our children about the world and its diverse people, we strengthen our economies through business alliances, and we promote nation-building through city-to-city exchanges.

These and other international relations are the result of mutual cooperation in economy, science, culture and other areas.

Foreign Investment Assistance

The local government of Taganrog is committed to the creation of an attractive investment environment through the local investment laws, taxation incentives and foreign investors protection.

Research Assistance – We can provide research assistance for companies requiring information about Taganrog and link companies to other research sources that are knowledgeable about the Rostov Oblast area.

Site Selection – We can help find the right site for companies looking to relocate or expand in Taganrog and Don region.

Contact us for more information on this and read more in our Investors section.

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