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Taganrog Student Daniil Slepko Ranked 2nd at the International Recitation Contest
April 7, 2023: the final of Alexander Ostrovsky Recitation Contest dedicated to the bicentennial birth anniversary of the Russian playwright, took place on April 6. It was organized by the Russian Cultural Learning Center "Phoenix", part of the International Cultural Association "Russian Nature" (Italy); the International Association of Russian Schools; the Faculty of the Russian Language of the Patrice Lumumba Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.


About 30 students from Russia, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Cameroon, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, North Macedonia, Slovakia, USA, and Ukraine recited passages of prose and poetry. An international jury marked the performance of the contestants.

As a result of the pre-qualification stage, Daniil Slepko and Victoria Andreeva, who are students of Taganrog Vocational School of Housing Services and Utilities, reached the final. They joined the contest online. The conference hall of Taganrog Chekhov Public Library was chosen as the city's venue, and Taganrog Local Government took on the coordinator's role.


In the pause between the recitations and the jury's deliberations, the music band "Kolyada", formed from the students of Taganrog's Anatoly Abuzarov Children's Music School, put in an inspired performance before the audience. Eventually, the jury properly appreciated the skills of Daniil Slepko and ranked him 2nd.

We congratulate Daniil and wish him, Victoria, and their adviser Marina Koronova further academic and creative success.