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International Scientific Conference "The Role of Greeks in Russian History" Held in Taganrog.

June 13, 2017: an international scientific conference on the role of Greeks in Russian history took place in Taganrog on June 10-11, 2017. It was held in the historical building known as The Alferaki Palace in the city's downtown area - now Taganrog Museum of Local Lore and History, which in 19th century belonged to Alferakis family, known for several generations of business people and artists, such as Achilles Nikolaevich Alferaki. The event was organized by the National Cultural Autonomy of Greeks in Russia, Rostov Oblast Government, Rostov Oblast Ministry of Culture, Southern Federal University, Taganrog Group of Museums, Taganrog Local Government and was dedicated to 100 years since the first assembly of the Greeks, which was held in Taganrog in June 1917.

The conference was aimed at generating interest among scholars for Hellenism and studies of national and cultural traditions of Greek community in Russia and the role it played in the history of Russian state. It was attended by leading scholars from Greece and Russia who are considered as distinguished authorities with the history of Greeks in Russia.

Among the noted participants of the event were: Mr. Ivan Savvidis - President of the National Cultural Autonomy of Greeks in Russia, Mr. Domotros Plevrakis - deputy director at General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad, Thessaloniki Aristotle University professor Mr. Constantinos Thotiadis, Aristotle University professor Mr. Vlasis Agtzidis, Moscow State University's Candidate of Historical Science Mrs. Nikitina and many more.