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Cherven Bryag, Bulgaria

Cherven Bryag is a town in the Pleven Oblast of Northern Bulgaria, situated on the right bank of Zlatna Panega River neighboring Romania. Its population is 18 thousand (2004). Cherven Bryag literally means “river bank with a red loam”. This name first appears in the Turkish documents in 15th century. Since 1899, it’s a town. Cherven Bryag is an agricultural town, but some industrial branches are also present: building techniques, baby toys, clothing.

The friendship between Russian and Bulgarian people goes back to 19th century, when Russia helped Bulgarians in their fight for independence from Ottoman Empire. In 1877-1878, hundreds of volunteers from Don Region and Taganrog enrolled to Russian Army. In 1877, the citizens of Taganrog raised more than 55 thousand silver rubles in favor of Bulgaria. Bulgarians remember the exploit of Don Cossacks who took an active part in liberation of Pleven region.

A new period in Russian-Bulgarian relations began after the end of World War II. Soviet Union and People's Republic of Bulgaria signed a treaty of friendship, cooperation and mutual aid in Moscow on March 18, 1948. 12, November 1963, Cherven bryag and Taganrog became sister cities. Next year, on November 14, 1964 The Soviet-Bulgarian Friendship Society was created in Taganrog.

The cooperation between the cities continued and the agreement signed in the sixties was extended. The official delegation of Pleven oblast, headed by Nikolay Marinov, Pleven Oblast Governor and Rumen Penkov, The Mayor of Cherven Bryag visited Rostov region and Taganrog September 12-13, 2004.

For more information on Cherven Bryag go to http://www.chervenbryag.bg

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