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Russian culture and Chekhov family exhibition opened in Jining, China

June 5, 2017: an exhibition dedicated to Russian culture and Chekhov family opened in Jining, China. The presentation of this joint Russian-Chinese project was made within the framework of "One Belt, One Road" strategy and shortly after the conclusion of "Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation" in Beijing, which assembled foreign leaders, including Russian president Vladimir Putin, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and heads of 30 states.

The final arrangement regarding the Russian exhibition in Jining Museum was made in September 2016, during the visit of an official cultural delegation from Chinese sister city, headed by Mr. Yin Yunling, who came to attend Taganrog City Day celebrations. Guests from Jining participated in the opening ceremony of Confucius Cultural Photo Exhibition at Taganrog Literary Museum. People visiting the showroom had an opportunity to learn more about Confucius life story, the influence of his thoughts in the world, Confucian culture and the city of Jining.

May 18, 2017 - on International Museum Day - was held the opening ceremony for joint project. After Jining vice-mayor Mr. Chen Xizhong announced the exhibition opened, a concert in Jining Museum's courtyard began. Several traditional music groups, dancers and Beijing opera singers performed. Among familiar people on stage was Mr. Yin Yunling - Vice-President of the Standing Commission of Jining Municipal People's Congress, who besides government work has been an established author and journalist, and plays Chinese traditional music instruments.

After the grand opening, guests and representatives of mass media entered the museum to visit the exhibition. The main part of the show was dedicated to three generations of talented Chekhov Family. Each generation was rich in talents, particularly Pavel Chekhov's children: Anton Chekhov became a world-known writer, while Nikolai was a good artist and violin player. His nephews were also very gifted: Michael Chekhov became a world-known actor and director, Sergei Mikhailovich and Sergei Sergeevich Chekhovs - both talented artists. The tour around the exhibition hall was accompanied by Soviet and Russian songs performed by Chinese singers in an improvised "birch grove".

On the same day, school children and adults participated in public readings from Chekhov that were held at Jining Museum.

The exhibition will be opened until July 18, 2018 and thereafter cultural cooperation between the two cities will continue with a concert of traditional Chinese music in Taganrog, which is due in September 2017.