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Central Grain Elevator LLC

Central Elevator LLC is headquartered in the eastern part of Taganrog, Rostov Oblast, South Russia, neighboring on Martsevo freight yard of Russian North Caucasus Railway. The company owns a diesel shunting locomotive to insure low-cost uninterrupted shipping. The approach roads link to Rostov-Mariupol highway providing conditions for convenient transportation in and outside the city.

Central Elevator LLC has many years of experience in acceptance, storage, and direct transshipment of wheat, barley, soy, corn, sunflower, solvent cake, oil cake, granular presscake and granules of wheat bran between ships and trucks/wagons in Taganrog Commercial Seaport (7.5 miles away from the elevator).

The company offers its customers: two diesel shunting locomotives that have access to dead-end tracks of Martsevo freight yard, electronic truck scales and railroad scale, 6 grain truck loading points, 4 grain boxcar loading points, 6 grain truck discharge points and 3 grain boxcar discharge points. The Taganrog-based elevator operates around 5 000 tons of grain per day and offers 80 000 tons of storage capacity (35 000 tons in grain silos and 45 000 of floor storage area). Central Elevator LLC's testing laboratory provides certification of agricultural products.

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