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"Two Countries, One City": A New Book on Taganrog Greeks Unveiled to Public

April 7, 2021: the book entitled "Two Countries, One City" was unveiled to the public at Taganrog Chekhov Library on April 2. Its authors are the chairman of Greek national and cultural autonomy of Taganrog Pavel Revko-Linardato and a senior researcher at Taganrog Group of Museums (TGLIAMZ) Alla Tsymbal.

"Two Countries, One City" contains valuable information on Greek emigrants who became famous entrepreneurs, poets, musicians, politicians, and public figures after resettling to Taganrog. Some persons, such as Alferaki family, Gerasim Tibaldo, Pavel Yordanov, Arkhip Kuindzhi are well known by all residents of Taganrog. A number of unfairly forgotten names from the diaspora are also mentioned in the book.

The book also features some Modern Greek poems, published in Russian for the first time. The famous authors of the poems are Achilles Paraschos, who served as Greek consul in Taganrog, and Georgios Souris, who spent in this city his youth.

The guest of honour, President of Taganrog City Council (Duma) and City Executive Inna Titarenko, noted the value of the book in the light of further research on the history of Taganrog. She emphasized that the event was a marvellous opportunity to recall that Russian and Greek peoples are inextricably connected.

In the context of the Year of Russian-Greek History, which is timed to bicentennial anniversary of the beginning of the Greek War for Independence, a number of events has been held. It is noteworthy that a visit of Her Excellency Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to the Russian Federation Ms Ekaterini Nassika to Taganrog took place on March 18-20,2021 within the framework of round table "Russia - Greece" and "Arise, oh Greece, Arise!" exhibition opening.