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Beta Air JSC

BETA AIR Joint-Stock Company was formed in 1991 to ensure the entire process of development, manufacturing and after-sales service of Be-200 - new generation amphibious aircraft. The main objective of BETA AIR was creation of a solid management structure for realization of the joint project launched by Beriev Aircraft Company - leader in hydro aviation development, Irkutsk Aviation Industrial Association - the largest aircraft manufacturer and powerful worldwide financial and consulting companies. The main activities of the Company are: finance and planning, project management, logistics management, marketing, establishment of the after-sales maintenance network, flight and technical crew training.

BE-200 amphibian in a firefighting operation
BE200 is dropping water in a firefighting operation

Since 1991, the range of company's activities increased: today engineers of BETA AIR provide new solutions for development and production of state-of-the-art aviation test equipment and software. Automatic Test Equipment (ATE-200) developed by BETA AIR specialists proves to be the most effective equipment for aircraft units testing and enables substantial time and cost savings as compared to the Standard Test Equipment commonly used in aviation today.

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Power Supply System Automatic Parameter Control Unit

ATE-200 Automatic Test Equipment

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