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Restoration artists rescue the artworks damaged in the Ukrainian rocket's explosion

August 15, 2023: Marat Dashkin and Sergey Sirro from the State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, and director of the Taganrog Museum of Art Tamara Pugach took part in a working meeting held by Rostov Oblast First Deputy Governor Igor Guskov.

blessing_of_rebecca_damaged The participants discussed restoration of the valuables of the Taganrog Museum of Art damaged by the blast of a Ukrainian S-200 surface-to-air missile on July 28. In total, 22 artworks were impaired. The State Russian Museum immediately offered to help Taganrog in restoring the showpieces.

blessing_of_rebecca_being_restored Further to the meeting, it was decided to send the damaged valuables, primarily paintings, to Saint Petersburg. Beforehand, specialists of the State Russian Museum had left for Taganrog and scrutinized the artworks in order to evaluate the damage. They recorded the losses, preserved ailing fields of the paintings, and packed the artworks in special boxes. The boxes are planned to deliver to the State Russian Museum this week by a van with systems used to maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions.

Top experts of the State Russian Museum will be engaged in the restoration, which is to last until the end of 2023 at best.