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Damaged artworks arrived in Saint Petersburg to be restored by the State Russian Museum

August 25, 2023: according to the press service of the State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, the valuables of the Taganrog Art Museum impaired in the blast of a Ukrainian S-200 surface-to-air missile on July 28 arrived for restoration.

russian_museum_restoration_2 Individual restoration tactics are to be adopted for each showpiece. It is estimated that the full series of works will be completed in the space of a year. After that, the valuables will be open to the public as part of an exhibition at the State Russian Museum.

"When we learned about the tragedy, the employees and restoration artists of the State Russian Museum unanimously decided to help our colleagues from Taganrog. This situation is a serious challenge and a new experience, since we have never dealt with such considerable amount of damage. Nevertheless, we are confident that the museum's restoration artists will handle the task efficiently," said deputy director of the State Russian Museum Olga Babina.

russian_museum_restoration_1 Earlier this month, representatives of the State Russian Museum took part in two discussions on the subject: a video conference with Rostov Oblast Minister of Culture Anna Dmitrieva and director of the Taganrog Museum of Art Tamara Pugach and a working meeting held by Rostov Oblast First Deputy Governor Igor Guskov.