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"Art Nouveau around the World" Brings Together People from 14 Countries

June 20, 2023: the World Art Nouveau Day was celebrated on June 10. The selected date is the anniversary of the death of two famous architects of the movement, Antoni Gaudi and Ödön Lechner. Taganrog has its own impressive examples of this style, such as the Sharonov Mansion, which houses Museum of Architecture and Urbanism, and the building of Chekhov Public Library designed by Fyodor Schechtel, the most influential master of Russian Art Nouveau.


The international awareness campaign "Art Nouveau around the World" and the corresponding hashtag #ShowUsYourArtNouveau were launched by Taganrog Museum of Architecture and Urbanism and Taganrog Local Government's Foreign Relations Office and was dedicated to the World Art Nouveau Day. The action is aimed at raising public awareness of the problems relating to protection and preservation of heritage sites. "Art Nouveau around the World" has brought together participants from Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, and Turkey.


The movement of Art Nouveau is also known as the Modern Style in England, Tiffany style in the USA, Jugendstil in Germany and Scandinavia, Stile Liberty in Italy, Nieuwe Kunst in the Netherlands, and Modernismo in Spain. All these names convey the essence of the style, defining it as new, modern, young, distinct, special.

Among the participants of the campaign were photographers, bloggers, museum staff, librarians, architectural historians, teachers, and Russian expatriates.


Photos of Art Nouveau buildings and their elements published on Facebook, Livejournal, VK and Instagram with the hashtag #ShowUsYourArtNouveau have been made in the cities of Budapest, Hungary; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Lima, Peru; Gagra, Abkhazia; Grodno, Belarus; Istanbul, Turkey; Lausanne, Switzerland; Rome, Italy; Subotica, Serbia; Tel Aviv, Israel; Varna, Bulgaria; Innsbruck, Austria; Vitebsk, Belarus; and the Russian cities of Taganrog, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Samara, Syzran, Tula, Vyborg, Yeisk, Kamensk-Shakhtinski, Yessentuki.

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