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Alisa Yeschenko Wins Bronze at the 2024 Russian Sailing Cup
April 1, 2024: the 1st stage of the 2024 Russian Sailing Cup and the All-Russian series of "Sochi Regatta" races took place in the city of Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, on March 24-30. Athletes competed in the 29er, the 420, iQFoil, the Laser 4.7, men's Laser Radial categories ("Sochi Regatta"); the 470, men's 49er, women's 49er FX, iQFoil, women's Laser Radial, men's Laser Standard, the Nacra 17 categories (the 2024 Russian Sailing Cup).

Alisa Yeschenko, an athlete from Taganrog, won a bronze medal in the Laser Radial category at the 2024 Russian Sailing Cup.


We congratulate Alisa Yeschenko and her coach Vadim Mekhanikov and wish them every success in their further career, as well as new victories and major achievements.

In May 2022 Alisa Yeschenko finished third at the 2022 Open Sailing Cup of Belarus. In August 2022 Alisa Yeschenko won the main trophy in the Olympic class of the Laser Radial at the 2022 Russian Sailing Cup, a bronze at the 2022 Russian Olympic Sailing Cup and most recently another bronze at the Black Sea Regatta.

In March 2023 Alisa Yeschenko won a bronze medal at the 2023 Russian Olympic Sailing Cup "Sochi Regatta." Most recently, she won a gold medal at the All-Russian Sailing Championship and another gold medal at the 1st Professional Sailing League's Regatta in December 2023.