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"A Window to Taganrog: Take a Different Look at the City" Audioguide Project Kicks Off in Taganrog

September 26, 2022: the project "A Window to Taganrog: Take a Different Look at the City" was launched in Taganrog.

Passengers riding routes 2, 8 and 9 streetcars may listen to 40 audioguides telling about the sights to see, famous people and traditions of Taganrog. The project was initiated and completed by the State Development Corporation VEB.RF and NPO Urban Development Foundation as part of Taganrog Streetcar System's modernization.

The work has been completed by local residents and creative community in 7 months. "This project was created by the people, for the people of Taganrog and for its visitors. It became the foundation stone for Taganrog's tourism appeal that we're strengthening", told Deputy City Manager Alexey Sanin at the opening ceremony.

"A Window to Taganrog: Take a Different Look at the City" features 40 audioguides. By reading the QR code inside the streetcar and using a mobile phone camera, passengers can open an audio program to listen stories from the history of Taganrog. The selection consists of stories shared not only by locals, but also by Chairwoman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, the First Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Andrey Yatskin, president of FIDE Arkady Dvorkovich, Honored Artist of Russia and director of Taganrog Chekhov Theater Sergey Gert, musician Roman Bilyk and others.

Upcoming stops are announced on board by famous people from Taganrog - Honored Artists of Russia Pavel Derevyanko, Sergey Gert and Vladislav Vetrov.

In addition, 20 passenger shelters on streetcar stops in Taganrog's downtown area feature maps showing top tourist attractions that are within walking distance of this tram stop.