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IBSC Logo The results of the 22nd IBSC Assembly

October 1 - October 3, 2011 the city of Azov (Rostov Oblast, Russia) hosted the 22nd Assembly of the IBSC. The city of Taganrog was represented by Nikolay Fedyanin, Mayor of Taganrog, Alexander Amerkhanov, President of Taganrog Interregional Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TICCI) and Chairman of IBSC Business Council, Alexander Mirgorodski, Foreign Relations Officer at the Taganrog Local Government, and two representatives of the TICCI.

Mayor Fedyanin presiding at the 9th IBSC Board meeting in Azov
International Black Sea Club is a non-governmental voluntary organization, created to strengthen business and cultural cooperation between the port cities of the Black Sea basin countries. The Club now consists of 31 cities from 10 Black Sea area countries.

In the Assembly meeting participated representatives from Abkhazia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Russia, Transnistria, Turkey and Ukraine.

The new elect President of the IBSC - Mayor of Azov Mr. Sergey Bezdolniy
The following issues have been considered during the Assembly: the reports on the Club's activity for the period 2010-2011; the President's and his Executive Directorate's work; considerations of the Club's plans and initiatives for the next year; the admission of new Club's members (Tuapse, Russia), and finally the elections of the new president of the IBSC for 2012-2015 and new members of the Board for 2012-2015.

The participants of the 22nd Assembly unanimously voted for Mr. Sergey Bezdolniy, Mayor of Azov as the new president of the International Black Sea Club. Mr. Yevgeniy Mamichev, Foreign Relations Officer at the Azov City Hall was unanimously elected the new Executive Director of the Club.

Within the framework of the 22nd Assembly was held the 9th Meeting of the IBSC Business Council, where Mr. Alexander Amerkhanov, President of the TICCI has been reelected Chairman of IBSC Business Council for the next three years.

The new members of the IBSC Board are: Azov, Batumi, Varna, Galati, Kavala, Mariupol, Nikolaev, Odessa, Sukhum, Trabzon, Taganrog, IBSC Business Council (headed by Taganrog Chamber of Commerce) and Mr. Radul Kovachev as Secretary General of the Club.

The next International Black Sea Club assembly meeting will be held in Sukhum, Abkhazia in September 2012, the meeting of IBSC Management Board will be held in Varna, Bulgaria in sometime in April-May 2012.

Participants of the 22nd IBSC Assembly in Azov