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Folk Band "LEL" Performed at 2016 International University Music Festival (FIMU de Belfort)

May 21, 2016: folk band of Taganrog Chekhov Teachers' College (former TGPI, now part of Rostov State University of Economics) participated in Festival International de Musique Universitaire (FIMU) in Belfort, France.

May 13-16, 2016 two thousand musicians from 30 world countries gathered for the 30th anniversary edition of FIMU de Belfort to show their talents and to perform in front of 80 thousand people. The folk band from Taganrog went through rigorous selection process to become part of the festival. The LEL are: Alexander Apanasenko (bayan), Vasilisa Berezovskaya (domra, vocals), Yelena Sklemina (violin), Anna Khachaturyan (alto domra), Tatiana Karnaukhova (electric piano), Yana Saphonova (interpreter and presenter).

Russian folk band had a chance to perform at the opening of FIMU-2016 on Belfort's Place de la Republique, followed by another concert at Granit Hall (Scene Nationale) and a final performance on the main stage of the forum. The repertoire presented by LEL in France consisted of classic and modern music, Russian folk music and French music.

The performance of Taganrog-based folk band was covered by the national press - with articles published by France Presse, Liberation etc. Members of the group were received at the Mayor's Office and had many good opportunities to communicate with musicians and visitors from all around the world.