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IBSC Logo Taganrog at the 15th Assembly of IBSC

The 15th Assembly of the International Black Sea Club (IBSC) and the 5th Meeting of IBSC Business Councilwere held September 25-26, 2004 in Kavala, Greece. Participants from 19 member cities representing seven countries attended the forum.

Stathis Erifillides, Mayor of Kavala at the official opening of the 15th Assembly of the IBSC

The executive and control bodies of the Club gave their reports for 2003-2004 and determined strategic directions in the activities of the International Black Sea Club and its cooperation with international organizations. The representatives of participating cities discussed the concept of TechnoPolis, industrial development center and the publication of Black Sea Encyclopedia. The Official Web Site of the International Black Sea Club was launched and the global audience can now access the available information about each member city's history, culture and businesses, the IBSC news and events and more.

Mr. Amerkhanov and Mr. Prasolov, Taganrog's official delegates at the meeting. Photographer: Alexander Mirgorodskiy

The City of Taganrog was represented in Kavala by Mr. Vladimir Prasolov, Vice Mayor, Mr. Alexander Amerkhanov, Chairman of Taganrog Interregional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Alexander Mirgorodskiy, Foreign Relations Officer at the City Hall and Mrs. Tatyana Afanaseva, Intl. Dept. Director at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The official delegates of Taganrog held meetings with mayors of participating cities, presidents of chambers of commerce and industry, business groups and producers of Northern Greece that underlined the importance of mutual contacts between the members of IBSC.

The forum participants expressed their hope and readiness to continue the beneficial cooperation within the framework of the Club in the future, aiming at development of cooperation in the Black Sea region. The next, 16th Assembly will be held in the Romanian city of Galati in 2005.