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Citywide Subbotniks Held in Taganrog

Thousands of people showed up at 82 consecutive subbotniks in Taganrog since March 21, 2022. During these community spring cleanings City Manager Mikhail Solonitsin, City Executive Inna Titarenko, Taganrog Local Government employees, Taganrog City Council staff, factory workers, volunteers and activists planted trees and bushes, picked up trash and loose tree branches, removed graffitis, cleaned up green spaces and planted flowers.

The good tradition of subbotniks - community cleanup days - has been continued by the staff of "Sinara - Transport Machines", who in 2021 signed a concession agreement for a new streetcar system and procurement of trams for Taganrog within the framework of Taganrog's urban revitalization program. Streetcar drivers, conductors, time-table clerks, streetcar depot personnel and company mamagement supported the citywide subbotniks. They cleaned up the area along Smirnovski Pereulok.

"The April Subbotnik is the traditional time for community spring cleanings, where every one of us can participate in giving this city a new look, making it prettier and tidier, cleaning up the streets and yards from the garbage accumulated in wintertime. This is also a good opportunity for people to feel how important and difficult is the job done by public utility workers. The keep the town tidy all year around despite weather conditions", - commented City Manager Mikhail Solonitsin.

Among the people who volunteered to participate were student groups from local universities, college and professional schools inspired by the lectures held within the framework of the grant, but also many residents who learnt about it from social networks. Tools, individual protective gear, water and snacks were provided by organizers and local authorities.