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Working Group Session on Integrated Development of Taganrog as a Tourist Destination

April 6, 2022: a "teleconference" meeting of the working group on Taganrog's urban revitalization program was held on April 5, 2022. Rostov Oblast Minister of Economic Development Maxim Papushenko chaired the session. Among the participants were Taganrog City Manager Mikhail Solonitsin and Taganrog City Council President and City Executive Inna Titarenko.

Mikhail Solonitsin together with Mark Borblik, representing Independent Non-Profit Organisation "Dal Team", which aims to preserve and promote historical and cultural heritage, reported on renovation project of Pushkinskaya Embankment, whose master plan is being shaped. Rostov Oblast First Deputy Minister of Housing and Utilities Sergey Orlov in turn reported on the progress of municipal beautification works. Rostov Oblast Minister of Culture Anna Dmitrieva in her turn provided information about on-going preparations for Peter the Great's 350th birth anniversary.

In conclusion, Moscow Urban Sciences Center provided information on Taganrog's tourism marketing strategy.

Earlier, Taganrog City Manager Mikhail Solonitsin and Rostov Oblast Deputy Governor Alexander Skryabin met the press to discuss the development of Taganrog as a tourist destination. They responded to questions on Taganrog's urban revitalization program and other related issues.